What an honour it is that Almighty God speaks to us personally.

In the Bible, Job loved God and shunned evil. So, Satan afflicted him and tested him to his utmost limit.

Job was shocked and felt aggrieved. In his deepest despair, he contended with God over his predicament. He started to doubt God’s justice and eternal goodness and insisted upon his rights; to face God in court (as if God was his adversary!) But God does not act wickedly or pervert justice.

Job turned to his friends who only offered him words of little comfort. Instead of praying for him, they judged him and condemned him.

Job became angry and frustrated in his suffering, but he never turned his face away from God.

The Book of Job has many lessons for us today. We shall all face times of testing and suffering in this life. When adversity comes, who of us would not be offended or react like Job? How many of us would have persevered for as long as Job did?

When adversity comes, we must draw near to God. He may seem quiet at times, but He speaks in marvellous ways. Consider the wonders of His works: remember how Jesus surrendered His will, suffered and died on that cross at Calvary in our place. So, that we may look to Him and live; and be reconciled to God, and find peace, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.

Almighty God can do all things. He restored double what Job lost and blessed the second part of his life even more than the first. May our Lord and God mightily bless you, and be with you always!

Martin Jones