Creation Care

loving, caring, supporting

God created the world ‘very good’, and it’s humanity’s privilege to use and enjoy it.

It’s also humanity’s duty to care for it and use it so that it is available for future generations. Sadly our sin – selfishness and greed – have messed that up in a big way.

As God’s people, we want to show his love for others and for the world he’s made. We want to play our part as individuals, in our church, parish and town, and also as citizens of the world.


  • Creation Care Videos. A sermon series last September used some of a series of videos outlining key issues and a Christian response. The series can be viewed by clicking on either of the following links

     Lausanne Global Classroom Website  OR YouTube

  • Study Guide. This study guide will help groups or individuals to get to grips with the videos

     Study Guide

  • ‘Putting it into Practice’. St Marys has its own leaflet listing some of the practical responses we can each make to reduce the harm we do to the environment

     Practical Application Leaflet

  • ‘Climate Change and Environment Projects’. Do visit the following websites that offer various projects.

     I See Change Climate Project (SciStarter Website)

     Citizen Science Projects (Natural History Museum Website)

     Citizen Science Resources and Projects (UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Website)

Newsletters and Updates


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There are lots of books that help us to understand the problems, to gain a clearer Christian perspective, and with practical ideas for our own lives. These two are recommended for an introduction:

L is for Lifestyle by Ruth Valerio – chatty bite-sized chapters of Christian reflection and practical advice (IVP revised 2019)

Planetwise by Dave Bookless – a readable survey of the Biblical basics (IVP 2008) 

These and others are available to borrow from Church members. Books to read

Creation Care Group

A small Creation Care Group has been established by the PCC to apply creation care principles to the life of St Marys.

It aims to help both St Marys as an organization, and its members as individuals, to show love, care and respect for God’s creation as an essential part of Christian discipleship. St Marys is a member of A Rocha’s Eco Church scheme and the Creation Care Group is aiming towards their bronze award.

The members are James Faulkner, Anthony Harris, Edward Jarvis and Roger Peppiatt.

     St Mary’s Creation Care Group – Mission Statement

     Annual Report 2020-21

We would be pleased to hear your views and suggestions – please email to or leave a voicemail message on 01480 352154 (church office).