Creation Care

Creation Care – Autumn 2020

How important is it that we as Christians care about the environment and the world we live in?
What does the Bible teach us about our responsibility, if any, for God’s creation?
This Autumn is an opportunity for us all to explore these things and learn how to apply them in our daily lives.

The series consists of:
– 4 sermons, videos, a study guide, Life Group Studies (up to 8 weeks), and an Application Leaflet, all of which are available below.
Paper copies are also available of the Study Guide and the Application Leaflet from Church (see below).

  • Creation Care Videos

Videos can be viewed by clicking on either of the following links

Lausanne Global Classroom Website  OR Youtube

  • Study Guide

E-Study Guide

Paper copies are also available at Church

  • Leaflet ‘Putting it into Practice’

E-Practical Application Leaflet

Paper copies are also available at Church

Sunday Sermons will select a couple of practical points from the leaflet as examples of practical application.

It’s also suggested that Life Groups discuss one page of the leaflet each week to go alongside the Bible study.

  • Life Groups

Whilst the Sunday Sermon Series consists of 4 weeks, it is envisaged that Life Groups will study Creation Care over 8 weeks i.e. to the end of October. Each group can select the relevant topics that interest them from the Study Guide, watch the corresponding videos and discuss an appropriate practical application.

As many groups will not be meeting physically together this session, leaders may suggest that people view the videos in advance. Or if meeting via Zoom, groups could use the ‘Share screen’ capability to watch it during the session. If you make use of this Zoom feature, we suggest you practice that first!

  • Sunday Sermon Series

The videos being used on Sundays 6th & 27th September have been edited (with permission) for timing reasons. To watch the full videos, please use one of the video links above. The series is as follows:

September 6th Creation and fall

Videos:  Videos 1 and 5

Bible Passages:  Genesis 1:28-31, 2:15, 3:14-19

Summary: The environment is the number one concern outside the church. Creation care is our vocation and joy as God’s people. There is now a multi-dimensional crisis in creation – the root issue is sin, so the answer must start with Jesus

September 13th Biblical foundations

Video:  Video 3

Bible Passages:  Colossians 1:15-20; John 3:16; Romans 8:19-25

Summary: God’s love of creation and our responsibility to care for it run throughout Scripture; the issue is Jesus’ Lordship

September 20th The role of the church

Video:  Video 9

Bible Passages:  Matthew 5:13-16, 6:9-15

Summary: The church is to build the kingdom of God on earth – showing God’s love by caring for the poor, tackling injustice and caring for creation. When the church does something that matters, it draws people to Jesus.

September 27th Caring for creation starts today

Videos:  Videos 10 & 11

Bible Passages:  Matthew 25 31-46; James 2 14-17

Summary: Creation care is part of our worship and discipleship, so the response of the believing church is to put creation care into practice. The church must get on and take actions, starting where we are. All of us have a role – even bankers!