St Mary’s Churchyard is cared for by St Neots Town Council and by the congregation of St Mary’s Church.

It is a “closed” churchyard, which means that burials no longer occur here, although ashes may still be interred.

It is crossed by busy public footpaths, and there are benches for people to rest, reflect and enjoy the surroundings.

It contains a wide variety of trees, shrubs, plants, mosses and lichens offering food and shelter to numerous birds and insects.

We’ve recently taken more steps to welcome a variety of plant and animal life:

  • Erecting bird nesting boxes
  • Planting hedges, fruit bushes and shrubs, using native species whenever possible
  • Allowing areas of grass to grow during the spring and summer for wild flowers to flourish
  • Leaving one corner largely undisturbed for nature to take its course
  • Providing piles of old branches for small animals
  • Minimising the use of chemicals

There are also plans to:

  • Establish a “Quiet Area” of seating
  • Provide compost heaps
  • Provide a ‘bug hotel’ and a hedgehog box

Please enjoy this churchyard and the nature within it.

    We welcome any comments and feedback – please email us at

    The Creation Care Team
    St Mary’s Church
    Eaton Socon