Flowers and Memorials in the Churchyard

St Mary’s Churchyard has been closed to coffin burials since the 1930s, except for existing family graves, but we are still able to bury ashes in the Circle of Remembrance to the north of the Church.
We are not permitted to scatter ashes in the Churchyard.

If you want to arrange a burial of ashes, more information can be found on the application form, please contact us if you have any questions.

Floral Arrangements

We always welcome floral arrangements consisting of ‘cut fresh flowers’ on graves or at the Circle of Remembrance. However, artificial flowers are not appropriate, and the Church may remove them. Please do not use floral foam (eg ‘Oasis’) as it fragments easily into non-biodegradable, microplastic particles.

At the Circle of Remembrance flowers should be placed in the supplied floral memorial receptacles (in the wooden box marked ‘Vases’). As we want to ensure there is space for all to place floral tributes, we respectfully ask that no pots of any kind are placed on the Circle as this restricts the space for other people.

Cut flowers, at the end of their life, are cleared away into the compost bin under the trees. Whilst we endeavour to clear these away as regularly as possible, please feel free to dispose of any appropriately.