This morning I have been mightily blessed by reading the book of Esther. Although it is ten chapters long, it is an easy read and only takes about twenty-five minutes. It is well worth a read!

The story is about Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish nation in exile in Persia, suddenly facing a serious and dangerous situation that threatens to destroy them. Although the story never mentions God by name, God’s hand of protection can be seen everywhere in the timing and combination of events as they unfold. Although we don’t see God, He is there, faithfully working in the lives of His people behind the scenes. And once again, God intervenes to save the Jewish people.

The story of Esther led to a commemoration of this great rescue in the feast of Purim. It has been told to countless generations ever since. For all who read it, we can find ourselves joining in the celebration of God’s deliverance of His people. We can also ask ourselves, as Mordecai asked Esther, for what great purpose may God have brought us to, in our own present position in life?

Meditating on this question has helped me to focus on what I can do and not on everything else. We can pray, we can read our Bibles and hear from God. Led by the Spirit, we can be the salt and light of the world: helping to support, encourage and love one another as opportunity presents itself.

At this present time, we can find ourselves worrying and feeling a little helpless. Yesterday a good friend encouraged me, by reminding me of the certainty of God’s love and His promises to us in the midst of this storm. Our circumstances may have changed, we may have changed, but God has not changed. He is still Sovereign, and He is enough.

Martin Jones