Have you ever found yourself on a roundabout and then realised you’re not sure which exit is the right one to go off? So, you go around again, and maybe again, before getting off!

The children of Israel could have made their journey through the desert much shorter by obeying the directions that God gave them through Moses. At Sinai the Lord said to Moses, you’ve stayed at this mountain long enough. So often our lives are stuck in one place emotionally, spiritually or physically and God says, you’ve stayed here too long. It’s time to get off the roundabout of indecision, fear, pride or whatever stops us from moving forward in our life and trusting in Jesus.

Sometimes the plans and directions of man can throw us off track from fulfilling the plan and purpose of God. Be careful who and what you let direct your paths. The paths of a good man or woman are ordered by the Lord. When we reach a crossroads: wait, stop, look and listen.
Not everything that seems good is best!

As for God, His way is perfect! Psalm 18:30 says, ‘He makes my way perfect!’ Verse 32 adds, ‘Trust God, surrender your life to Him, and He will direct your paths.’ It’s all about who is in charge of your ways.

Have you felt like you are stuck on a roundabout of self-pity, anger, greed or another holding pattern? There is only one way off that roundabout and it’s by letting God lead you through the wilderness and into new life, a renewed mindset through his word, and walking in his ways.

With every blessing
Nanette Hesketh