On 31st January 2020 the UK left the European Union to the joy of many and the despair of others. We have been here before. It was about 406 when Britain was freed from Roman control. In 1536 the English Parliament passed a bill extinguishing the authority of the Pope in England. Calais, as the last English territory in France, fell to French forces in 1558 although the crown continued to claim rule in France until 1801 when the fleur-de-lis was removed from the Royal Arms.

The loss of Calais was the end of England’s claim to own part of continental Europe. After 406 we entered a period of uncertain and divided rule commonly called the Dark Ages until the Anglo-Saxons invented England in 927. But then Vikings invaded followed by the Norman Conquest in 1066. In the centuries that followed England fought wars with our continental neighbours. We fought France in every century until the guns were silenced in 1945. Such a mixed history. What now for free independent Britain?

Psalm 2 is a key to stability in facing uncertain political times. It stands at the beginning of a book that, having set our personal direction in the first Psalm, then provides us with godly guidance in every circumstance of life. Psalm 2 reminds us that human rulers are finite and their belief that they are in ultimate control of events is laughable. There is a God who has appointed his Son ruler of the universe and he will carry out his purposes. Security in life is not to be found inside or outside the EU, but only in a relationship with Jesus, God’s Son, who gave his life to be our Saviour and by his resurrection formed a new humanity that represents different races and cultures, but is united in love and loyalty to him.

Ray Porter