Recently, we started a new series focusing on 1 John that explores what true love is, in the context of
life in community.

Like some other New Testament passages on love, this letter was written to a fledgling Christian community where there was conflict, struggles, and intense controversy – in other words, life in community, frankly, was challenging and difficult.
Into this setting, John writes to provide guidelines that help to assess and build the quality of life together that Christian communities should exhibit.

Today, this is just as applicable to us. All of us need to work hard to cultivate the fellowship of the body through developing an ongoing sense of needing forgiveness and being a forgiving people. For when community is forged in the context of grace, generosity and mercy become commonplace.

What do you need to do today to ensure we continue to grow into the kind of community John envisioned we should be?

With every blessing – Tim Robb