How good are you at listening? Sometimes in life, it can be easier to do all the talking, that we miss what is really going on in various situations or in people’s lives around us.

Praying can be a bit like this – sometimes we can be in a hurry to tell Jesus all about our lives and what we want (yes He’s interested in all of this), that we forget to give him time to speak to us. Yet, if Jesus is to truly be Saviour, Lord and King of our lives, then we need to make sure we are intentional about giving Him time and space to talk to us.

Recently, the church took part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, a global week of prayer inspired by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York. During this week, several people encountered God afresh in different ways…and God is able to keep engaging with us all and surprising us too!

On Sunday 23rd June, we were reminded again of the importance of prayer being a two way conversation.

So, how’s your conversation going with God? What is He saying to you? What is your response?

With every blessing – Tim