St Mary’s Eaton Socon Youth will be spending 12 hours together on 29th Aug (except toilet visits!) with no mod cons (NO PHONES!!), no snacks and just water to drink. Surviving on £3.10 each for the day for all food and drinks & even a 10p charge for using the toilet.

We’ll have a little more space than a 10ft square which is the average size of a family shelter in Patripul, India, but like families there locked down due to Covid, we’ll have a budget to cover food, toilet visits and water.

You can help as the more sponsorship we receive then the more bonus items will be unlocked to improve our living conditions!

Donation Milestones:

Raise £100 – Able to have condiments (e.g. sauces, sugar, salt and pepper)

Raise £200 – Unlimited tea/coffee and juice

Raise £300 – Going to the toilet is now half price

Raise £600 – Afternoon treat

Raise £800 – Popcorn/sweets allowed

Raise £1000 – Going to the toilet is now free!

Since Covid triggered lockdowns across the world, Global Care has supported over 13,000 children and their families in 12 nations, determined that the poorest, most vulnerable families won’t get left behind.A Dalit community in Patripul, near Mumbai, India, has been particularly hard-hit. Yet when schools and our education centres here finally re-open, there is a risk children won’t return. They are working to support their families or are demotivated by the long break from learning.

The Shack Challenge will fund a short-term feeding programme, initially providing emergency feeding, and then, once schools re-open, providing a food parcel to students who attend, at the end of each week. We hope this incentive will re-engage families who have given up on education as a route out of poverty, and give them a good reason to stop sending their children out to work or beg.

Please help us to raise as much as possible to help these extremely vulnerable children get their lives back on track.