Mission Partners

888811_sSt Mary’s aims to be an outward looking church with practical, financial and prayerful interest in God’s work worldwide. As part of our response to Christ’s commands to make disciples of all nations we support a number of organisations with a special focus on four.

For more information about our Mission Partners, please contact Janice Porter on (01480) 211839

Wycliffe Bible Translators

wycliffeWycliffe’s vision is to produce a Bible translation in the ‘heart’ language of every people group which still needs one.

chris and elaine

Chris and Elaine

St Mary’s supports Chris and Elaine Hurst who have been translating Nahuatl, the language of the Aztecs in Mexico. Now based in Canada Chris still works closely with his three Nahuatl speaking co-translators through the internet and with regular visits to Mexico. The project is almost complete with the text revised and checked and nearly ready for type setting. The three co-workers remain fully involved as they prepare the churches for using the Nahuatl scriptures in their worship services and for outreach in the community.

OMF International

omfOMF International is a mission agency working amongst the peoples of East Asia. OMF is committed to sharing the gospel, planting churches, teaching, training, running missional businesses, helping those in need and working in partnership with East Asia’s church.


group image

Allen and Litsa McClymont with, right to left, Jessie, Georgia and Jamie

OMF members Allen and Litsa McClymont served in Malaysia where Allen taught at a theological Seminary. Currently they are based in the UK as the OMF Representatives in Greater London and Southeast England. Their role is to encourage churches to be involved in world mission and to recruit and mentor new candidates. Alongside this ministry Allen hopes to resume his PhD studies part-time in summer 2016. Allen and Litsa have three daughters: Jessie, Georgia and Jamie.

Spring of Hope

Spring of Hope Ugandaspring of hope logo was founded by Teresha Karahukayo with the vision to change attitudes in Ugandan society to enable disabled children to reach their full potential. 600 children and their families now benefit from the SOH clinics, assessments, nutrition programmes, sponsorships, training for the deaf, support for families and income generating projects.

Teresha is married to Israel and they have two daughters, Wisey and Alexy.


Actios: Assisting Christian Teaching In Our Schools

actiosThe vision of Actios is to facilitate and resource Christian education within our local schools. Actios currently employs two part-time schools’ workers,  Rachael Went and Leanne Sheppard who regularly visit 13 primary schools.

They lead assemblies, take RE lessons, deliver the Bible Explorer course and provide ‘moving on Prayer Spaces’ for year 6 pupils. They also facilitate regular holiday clubs hosted by local churches.

Actios is associated with Scripture Union and Churches Together in St Neots.


Interactive World Prayer Map


globalFor helpful prayer topics on the needs of people around the world go to www.globalconnections.org.uk/prayer