On Sunday Mornings at 10.30am, those in Yr 7+ (12+) meet in their own group called ‘Reactors’ and learn about God through fun, interactive activities.


Youth – Weekdays


Ignite (School Years 6-8; 10-13 year olds)

Held alternate Friday Nights from 8pm-9.30pm during Term Time, Ignite is a programme of learning about God through great games & interactive activities.

This is for all young people in Years 6-8 (10-13 year olds).

Cost: £1 per person + 50p Tuck Shop

For all enquiries and further information about Ignite, please contact the Church office on (01480) 352154
or email office@eatonsocon.org

Fusion (School Years 9+ ; 13+ year olds)

Fusion is for young people in School Years 9+ (13-18 years old).  Held fortnightly on Friday nights from 8pm-9.30pm, it’s a great evening to come and hang out with other Teenagers.

On offer are a range of games, activities, food and time to chat with each other.

Cost: £1 per person

For more details about Fusion, please contact the Church Office on: 01480 352154
or email office@eatonsocon.org

Barry & Denise Cathrall