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Click the boxes below to find out more about some of the people who are part of the ministry team at St Mary’s.

Timothy Robb - Vicar

timOriginally from Christchurch, New Zealand, I came to this country for three years but over twenty-one years on, I’m still here. Married to Julie, we have a wonderful daughter, Sarah, who loves horse riding and dogs, one of which she has as a pet! My passion and privilege is seeing the transforming work the Holy Spirit brings in people’s lives. My interests are diverse and include good wine…anything New Zealand of course, New Zealand Advert Stamps and, being a viola player, viola jokes.

Martin Jones - PA to the Vicar


I work part-time as PA to Rev’d Timothy Robb.

Katie Franks - Curate


My name is Katie Franks and I joined St Mary's
as curate in July 2018.



Liz Faulkner – Community Families and Children’s Worker

This exciting role at St Mary's involves me leading Little Stars, Friday Clubs, local school assemblies and other community based family events. I'm passionate about helping our local families and children engage with St Mary's and seeing supportive relationships being built. I also love most things sci-fi, especially Doctor Who and Star Trek so a lot of my spare time is spent (along with my husband) heading off to comic conventions (yes I do sometimes dress in costume, no you can't see the pictures!)

Edward Jarvis - Churchwarden


There was a young man from Brentwood

Whose Churchwardening was terribly good. He would work night and day and never ever receive pay.

Oh that wonderful chap from Brentwood.

I joined SMES in 2010 when my wife Barbara I moved into the area; we originally hail from 'Glorious Essex'. We have two sons, Peter and Christopher and five grandchildren. As one of the Churchwardens I feel privileged to be involved in the running of SMES and I am passionate about seeing our church grow and the Lord's work being done in our parish.

My interests include: Cooking: I like to think that my guests are ‘never knowingly underfed; Fly fishing; Travel: Churchwardens need holidays!


Roy Notley - Treasurer


I am the Treasurer of the Church. For extra revenue I always search.

People duck when they see me coming. They think I am always after something

I was born and bred in the city of Norwich. Brought up on enormous bowls of porridge.

Joined the Air Force, now that was good. Enjoyed the life cos I knew where I stood

Got married and had four wonderful kids. They’re grown up now, I’ll take any bids!

I am married to Brenda, we met in 93. Since then my life’s been filled with glee

I enjoy what I do, I feel I belong. I wish I could sing, I like a good song.

Now I’m retired I have time to give service. But don’t ask me to talk, that makes me nervous.

George Cobb - Assistant Minister (retired)


George is the latest addition to our clergy team. At the heart of George's ministry has been evangelism and the healing ministry then later, palliative care chaplaincy. George has been very happily married to Marilyn since 1973, and they have two married sons and three wonderful grandchildren. As well as being a keep fit enthusiast George has been a longstanding supporter of Oxford United and Portsmouth FC, and Hampshire County Cricket Club.

Other interests include reading, cryptic crosswords, and listening to music.

David Miller - Assistant Minister (retired)


I am retired but still active in ministry as part of the Leadership Team at St Mary's. I believe that Jesus Christ is truly Good News for everyone and I am therefore passionate about making the Bible relevant to people of all ages. I am married to Sarah and have 3 sons and seven grandchildren. I enjoy Italian food, Argentinian wine and Swiss Chocolate and, to reduce the calorific effect a little, both Sarah and I are learning to Jive dance!

Ray Porter - Assistant Minister (retired)

ray porter

Ray retired in 2013 from his full time role as a lecturer in World Mission, but evidence of retirement is hard to find. In addition to ministering at St Mary’s and neighbouring churches, and continuing to do some lecturing, Ray is involved in the Trustee bodies of several Christian organisations including OMF International. He is Chair of the Board of Global Connections that is a network of most UK Mission Agencies. His interest in trains is partially channelled through participating as a Trustee of the Railway Mission that provides Chaplains for the Railways. Ray and Janice have three grown up children and two grandchildren and live over the river in Eynesbury.